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diarrhea “cha cha cha”

Posted in the poopers on December 16, 2008 by whenispark

i don’t remember what that is actually from…probably some stupid commerical from my childhood.  what marketing genius decided to add the “cha cha cha” as though any one that is about to have an explosion of poo from their behind is interested in the samba.

the point… it all starts with the fateful disposal of some very toxic taco bell in the garbage.  being the olfactory-gifted canine she is, delilah promptly sought out these grade z tacos and enjoyed them for an early breakfast, leaving her usual evidence of wrappers strewn about the living room.

fast-forward to several hours later.  dede is now running up and down the hallway as i lay in bed reading.  i had left work because of some pretty mayjah menstrual cramps – something i rarely get (and continually gloat about), so everytime i have them i whine and complain like a big ol’ baby.  so here dede is running up and down the hall doing her air-squeak thing she continually does.  i keep asking her what’s wrong in that obnoxiously high cutsey voice, and of course, she refuses to answer. 

i naturally assume she is upset because diamond and casey are nowhere to be found or that she is looking for chewkie or dom.  afterall, she was scratching at matt’s door.

fastforward – matt comes home.  “i think dede was looking for you today.. she was freaking out this afternoon”.  matt is of course flattered.  and why shouldn’t he be.  delilah is queen b here.  even casey, the only male dog, bows to her huge lipoma, her stinky left ear, and perpetual air leak.   chewkie per his usual routine heads  to his room, and finds dede was so excited to see him she left him a present…some diarrhea…in his bed.



in other news

Posted in the poopers on March 2, 2008 by whenispark

i have bought 3 loaves of bread in 1 week. 

delilah has eaten 3 loaves of bread in 1 week.

delilah is also 7/7 of the days of the week for ripping the entire trash bag out of the garbage can and eating the plastic bags.

bailey has not pooed in the house lately.

devil incarnate

Posted in the poopers on February 14, 2008 by whenispark

third post.

last night, dede would not stop crying.  i left my door slightly ajar so she would hopefully stop crying.  and you know what happened? exactly what i expected.  bailey shat in my room.

i hate that dog.

and you know what else?  she’s two for two on my morning good byes.  for several weeks i have only said bye to delilah.  yesterday, i decided to start saying by to all of them.  what did bailey do? snarled viciously at me even when i tried every trick in the book to be nice.  i talked in a high pitch voice, i didn’t stand over her, i tapped the couch to see if she would come closer. nothing.  it’s all good though. i got my revenge.  she happened to be laying on a blanket yesterday, so i just tugged the blanket up to throw her off a little (no, rach, she barely moved), and of course, she tried to bite me.

nasty bitch.

does a body good

Posted in random rants, tangential/circumferential, the poopers on January 29, 2008 by whenispark

and i don’t mean milk.

 1. today i had my csa (clinical skills assessment) – very easy.

2. my new word shall be hot mess.

3. i went shopping. bought two pairs of editor pants for less than 40 dollars total. and i bought a shirt in there, too.  all still under 40.

4. i played basketball.

that’s what did this body good.  during my m1 and m2 years, i played continuously with the boys. with much sweat and countless floor burns, i began to improve.  as a girl, i was the typical slow shooter, taking enough time to allow a guy to easily come up and block me.  i had reached a point where many of my shots were quick.  let’s just say that tonight was proof of complete regression.  nevertheless, there is some hope.  i did manage some decent shots, and i had some great opportunities.

i will play again on thursday to continue my work-out regimen. it will at least offer me some variety.  they play again tomorrow, and i am debating joining for that session as well.

one note – things that are not cool, and i see this continually…people faking pain/injury in a completely unrelated spot.  for instance, i young man is blocked, and he walks off the flow limping a few steps. i mean, really.  what makes you think anyone is buying into that?  i saw the same thing in high school.  there was always the same girl doing it, and nobody was falling for it.  so for all the fakers – just man up and accept the blunder. 

lord knows how many turnovers and craptacular shots i had, but i have the integrity to admit i suck instead of pretending i missed because 5 years ago i sprained my ankle.

 ps – bailey died.

 pss – she didn’t actually die. but i’m pretty sure all those mini-strokes added to one big one, cause know that second eye-lid that dogs have is constantly blocking at least one third of her eye.   it’s pretty gross looking.

psss – as i was studying last night, she pooped right outside the office door. i think just to spite me.  she doesn’t even attempt to ring the bells or anything anymore.  she doesn’t in anyway want to go outside.  it’s warmer inside.  i’ll just say she’s lucky i didn’t step in it.

up close and personal

Posted in the poopers on January 26, 2008 by whenispark


this picture is currently my desktop. chewkie loves, as do i. more proof of my obsession.  you can click on the picture for a larger view. my favorite aspect is the reflection of the outside in her eye.


the wonder drug is working

Posted in the poopers on January 22, 2008 by whenispark

delilah’s ear is almost better. once the full results are in, i’ll definitely post some before and after pictures. it’s been fun having chewkie hold her down and clean out her ear with q-tips. you can tell when you hit a good spot cause she’ll start kicking her legs.

since it has steroids in it, i can’t keep putting it in her ear til she’s in the clear cause if she’s bleeding from anywhere (which she is from rubbing her ear on the carpet), it will delay wound healing. boo.

previously unheard of

Posted in the poopers on January 17, 2008 by whenispark

 i recommend maybe watching it with the sound off, because, dammit bailey. no worries, i kicked her once i turned the video off. (joke rachel). i had to put this video up though because i don’t think anyone would ever believe me who knew delilah before.

except for when we had our first bloodhound, ellie, delilah has never been playful. she became worse after she was run over a car (a long story).

before my parents moved to atlanta, there were three bloodhounds in the house and two people (before i moved home). that usually meant delilah getting the short end of the deal, and as much as my mother would like to deny it, it’s true.

we were worried she’d be depressed without the other two bloodhounds, but instead she’s the happiest i have ever seen her. she probably got tired of georgia drooling on everything, drinking all the water and eating everyone else’s food.

 the next video i hope to get is delilah chattering.