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Posted in Uncategorized on August 16, 2009 by whenispark

“i just don’t have time” has already become the major theme of my life. conveniently it is also the reason i haven’t written on here. even as i write this now, my eyelids as are slowly drooping and my head has taken on its rightward tilt that is achieves when fatigue sets in. there is no word for it all besides exhaustion. i am sure that most nights i fall asleep within 30 seconds of hittting the bed.

i ended up going to bed after that paragraph. 

residency hasn’t been awful, though.  some days certainly have been, but as a whole i can’t help but realize how blessed i am once again.  i love my apartment, the city, the program and the hospital. 

i work usually right up to that 80 hours a week, some weeks more, some weeks a little less.   my first month was labor and delivery, and it was really fun in the end.  and one can’t complain when you have attendings throwing pool parties for the residents.  that occured yesterday, and it was incredible.  his house sits on the top of the mountain and his backyard drops off with a view of many more mountains.  meanwhile i am falling asleep on a raft in the pool.  rough life.

call schedule can be rough, but i had most of this weekend off.  i took call on friday, and actually got today off, which is a rarity. and what have i done with this time?  cleaned.  because my apartment was getting disgusting.  i also painted z one of his sharks.  my favorite is still the bull shark, but this guy is pretty okay too. i just think it’s a very generic looking booger. anyway, off to eat real food for dinner and go running shortly thereafter.