while i sit and eat lunch

besides not being in the mood to update this bad boy, i really haven’t had the time. going from wedding to wedding, from state to state, i am no exhausted, just in time for residency.

i recently deposited dede in atl, which was heart-breaking enough, seeing her whimper and look out the window as i drove away. mom says she is adjusting well, which soothes my sorrow, but hurts my pride. that’s my baby.

other than that, i have been doing all that i requires to move into a new city for four years.  next up is change of registration, but not before i make a pit-stop at goodwill to provide a very generous donation of four boxes worth of clothing, shoes and purses.

it’s been so wonderful living in my own apt too.  wow… it’s so quiet and clean (except my desk…some things never change).


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