i should be productive

but i will have years to be productive.  i only want to sit outside and read right now.  i would still be out there, but this fair skin of mine can only take so much at a time.

i could be taking care of financial aid, writing the neverending speeches i have to give or converting an old ob/gyn notebook into a word format for residency.  i could do all of these things, but i will have time for them.  instead, i choose to sit outside on a one of those classy fabric lawn chairs in the front yard of z’s house and read the picture of dorian gray.

i have a word document on my computer at home of every literary classic, and it is my life goal to read them all.  it is another life goal to own my favorites.  since startng my campaign of laziness, i have read 1984 and slaughterhouse five1984 was pretty good, but i suppose after reading ayn rand’s novels, it is tough to love it. slaughterhouse five was a very enjoyable book.  it was a quick and interesting read that was witty in it’s humor, but sad at the heart of it i think.  anyway, after the picture of dorian gray, i will read where the red fern grows and to kill a mockingbird.  those two i am saving for last and am looking forward to the most.  i don’t know how i managed to skip them in my reading craze during my younger years, but i have time for them now.

after those?  who knows, but my word document has thousands and thousands, and i plan to visit my local borders tomorrow.  (i have a 40% off coupon – worth joining their rewards programs for that if nothing else).


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