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three guesses

Posted in the home life on February 2, 2009 by whenispark

that’s how many you get. for what you ask? well, i expect you to guess what i found in my living room when i came home this afternoon, after a month-long hiatus. you might think to be creative… another dog, something broken, etc.   but these are all far too reasonable.  no my friends… it was a motorcycle.  right in the middle of it.

something to make me more irate – we now have two broken down cars in the garage, because SON OF A B WORD.   i am just steaming about this.  why isn’t my fully functional car in there?  why does this happen everytime i leave?  it’s dangerous for me to leave.  now, i have to be the the other person out of 2 people who can drive AND work that has to wake up and brush my car of from the 8 inches of snow we’re sure to get.  but psh, how dare i be upset – chewkie has decided he needs BOTH spots to fix cars.

i cannot wait to move.