i will be trying to write daily during this month since it’s bound to produce some rather interesting stories.  if i am not wirting every day, i will hopefully be making up for it on those days i do write… this all of course excludes weekends.

day 2 was pretty awesome.  it consisted of going to one of the local community hospitals where there are no residents.  this was particularly exciting because i actually was doing a lot in the case.   we had a carotid endarterectomy after some other at forum where the resident did most the work, but let me close.

then it was off to clinic where i didn’t do anything because he sees all of ten patients – score…

of note, it’s pretty awesome when an attending gives a ride over in their nice car and you’re the cool medical student who spills tea all over it, especially right after calling some other girl a “ditz”.  what great timing on my part.


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