day 3 and 4

these two days weren’t really that long because i had other obligations, especially on wednesday.   wednesday morning we did some really easy cases in the morning like an av fistula for diabetics which is the surgery du jour, followed by a super easy pelvic dissection at the other hospital.  and by pelvic dissection i mean we pretty much did a femoral lymphadenectomy.  nothing exciting.  when we were done, dr. s sent me off to the med school to take care of the school stuff i had to do, which consisted of a panel and a student council meeting.

the panels my school puts together are often times a waste, and now being part of one, i feel like i perpetuated my school’s love of wasting student time.  i kept my answers as brief as possible, swore one time (i said ass), and i made fun of our “doctoring” curriculum all in one, and all on streaming video.  yes!  it went something like this:

“how did you decide to apply to academic vs community hospital?”

“well, let’s see, i started by writing a reflective essay…”

i pretty proud of that because it was instantaneous.  nothing like wit.

blah, anyway, then there was the council meeting, which was okay and everything, but sometimes i worry about handing over the reins.  part of that, or really much of that, has to do with my control issues.  i like to think sometimes that the world around me would come crashing down if i wasn’t doing something to prevent that.  i do need to relax a bit and relinquish that control.

day 3 ended with my enjoying some delicious old wedgewood pizza – the best!

day 4, thursday, was a bizarre day consisting of me amputating two legs… not on the same person.  it seems so strange to even have done that, but i think it would have been weirder if i had had the time to actually look at the removed appendage.  unfortunately (or fortunately), i had to keep helping with the surgery.  i did get to use the super awesome muscle and vessel stapler, which saves so much time apparently, both in that case and it prevents the surgery from having to be redone.  and i don’t mean the limb grows back, i mean going in a fixing where it was already cut off.


well, those are some brief synopses of last week.  friday i wasn’t around because of interviews.  i will update on interviews and then about today’s happenings later, but due to my sleep deprived state, i must go for nap time!


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