the holidays are at an end…

i do apologize faithful readers (also known as rachie, maybe dave sometimes, and the random web page clicker person), but the holidays are indeed no time to blog.  at least not when my main purpose of this blog is to talk about my experiences throughout medicine, because i don’t do anything medical during that time.

however, starting yesterday (hardly), i began my jaunt on cardiothoracic surgery, henceforth deemed cts.  it was a rough start, but not because of any issues of adjustment. no, no, my friends, it was because i had the beautiful gift of the bubonic plaque compliments of z.  after one week of him pummeling my immune system, all that was left was the occasional t-cell and neutrophil dragging their metaphorical butt across the floor.  thus, the kindly virus quickly had gone to work and i woke up saturday morning with a lovely sore throat, stuffy and runny nose, headache, fatigue and malaise.  no fun.  well, on monday, i was not much better off.  in fact worse off because i was no longer enjoying the luxury of sleeping until noon but still enjoying the “luxury” of waking up every 15 minutes nauseated, tossing and turning in bed.  thus, monday was torture.  i could barely hold my upper body up during our first case of a carotid endarterectomy (  ❤ true love), and i became so violently ill i had to sit on a stool until the wave of nausea passed.  the worst part was is it happened again when it was time for me to sew the neck closed.  this would all be bareable, but both events coincided with the best parts of the surgeries!  1. when you scrape the plaque from inside the artery 2. when i finally get to do something!

anyhow, my presence was so pathetic i was sent from the operating room for some much needed r and r.  so there you have it… a pitiful day 1.


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