not “uh” but university hospitals.  here is another residency interview update:


i went in thinking it would be terrible – afterall, they interview 25 people per day and have three interview days.  to me, that just screams “we don’t care about you as a person”.  i didn’t leave the interview dinner feeling like it would be any different.  the student to resident ratio was grossly out of proportion, and i was just exceedingly relieved to find one of my classmates there.   we were then able to commandeer a couch, and we had the luxury of talking until people came up to us.  the program director was exceptionally nice, giving us hugs as we left the party early – the food was meh, and the company was average (particularly some of the other candidates).

at the actually interview day, we sat through 1.4 million lectures, but then quickly proceeded to our interviews. 

1: great lady, we had a nice discussion on ethics and morality.  she gave me an honest comparison to metro. i liked her spunk and honesty.

2: residents – pretty cool, although one was a bit timid to me, she was adorable nevertheless.  this was a time my board scores were mentioned by my irritation was mollified by their questions regarding the ccc.  all is forgiven. bonded with the third year resident – he would make an awesome chief.

3. pretty cool generalist who knew the former chair of the ob dept i did my clerkship in.  pretty easy to bond with her over that.  now in retrospect can hardly think of what we talked about.  not that interesting – although this was probably more to do with her velvet tie-dye shirt more than anything.  yikes, it was mesmerizing.  (side note: mesmerizing i think came from some magical dude named mesmer – yes?)

4. the program director’s husband who i had talked to the night before – genuinely a nice guy.  we had a nice discussion about reading, which i am quite fanatical about this year.  i am itching to read something now even though i should already be sleeping.

5. prog director herself – picture this:  middle age lady, maybe early 50s, pretty, likes wearing animal prints, bright colors (esp red!).  she definitely preoccupied with people’s appearances as she commented on it throughout the day – not applicants, but on her co-workers… appropriate time to mutter “awkwaaard” under my breath.

so there you go.   i did like the day overall though.  i’ll definitely be keeping them high on my list – got a good vibe.


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