diarrhea “cha cha cha”

i don’t remember what that is actually from…probably some stupid commerical from my childhood.  what marketing genius decided to add the “cha cha cha” as though any one that is about to have an explosion of poo from their behind is interested in the samba.

the point… it all starts with the fateful disposal of some very toxic taco bell in the garbage.  being the olfactory-gifted canine she is, delilah promptly sought out these grade z tacos and enjoyed them for an early breakfast, leaving her usual evidence of wrappers strewn about the living room.

fast-forward to several hours later.  dede is now running up and down the hallway as i lay in bed reading.  i had left work because of some pretty mayjah menstrual cramps – something i rarely get (and continually gloat about), so everytime i have them i whine and complain like a big ol’ baby.  so here dede is running up and down the hall doing her air-squeak thing she continually does.  i keep asking her what’s wrong in that obnoxiously high cutsey voice, and of course, she refuses to answer. 

i naturally assume she is upset because diamond and casey are nowhere to be found or that she is looking for chewkie or dom.  afterall, she was scratching at matt’s door.

fastforward – matt comes home.  “i think dede was looking for you today.. she was freaking out this afternoon”.  matt is of course flattered.  and why shouldn’t he be.  delilah is queen b here.  even casey, the only male dog, bows to her huge lipoma, her stinky left ear, and perpetual air leak.   chewkie per his usual routine heads  to his room, and finds dede was so excited to see him she left him a present…some diarrhea…in his bed.



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