step 2 cs

silliness.  i am sure i did just fine. 

what it entails:  12 standardized patient interviews – 15 minutes to see the patient, 10 minutes to write a note, including your assessment and plan. something like 98% of US medical grads pass it without a problem (it is pass/fail).

my only observation was the pattern of all the other students not requiring the full 15 minutes to do a complete history and focused physical exam on the patients.  the very idea of this blows my mind – as a medical student, you should have plenty of questions in your repertoire to take up 15 minutes… but these interviews didn’t just involve doing the aforementioned tasks – you also had to summarize and explain your plan… basically – it should take you 15 minutes unless it’s an unbelieveably easy case.

although i suppose it doesn’t matter.  we’ll all pass, and we’ll all be good doctors regardless of that test.   plus i am pretty sure they are not going to continue administering it next year.  stupid.  not surprised.


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