it was not too long ago in my religious discussions with z that the topic of grace came up, and i recall inquiring into what grace really meant.  his answer was it’s when you come by something you didn’t necessarily earn, which for some time was sort of inconceiveable to me.  i was always of the mantra that everything you have you should earn…but there are somethings that we all have that we did nothing to attain. 

nothing taught me more about grace than my recent interview at allegheny.  the program director was commending me on all of my positive characteristics and traits, but specifically my intelligence.  it was a nice interview because it was a lot of compliments for me, but when he raved about my “brilliance”, it really struck me on how fortunate i have been. 

i know i have  a very blessed life, but for some reason my epiphany came right then.  how lucky to have two very intelligent parents, with the only factor limiting their going to college was 1. their lack of ambition (my father) 2. three children by age 23 (my mother).  my mother eventually went back, but i just wonder what she would have achieved if she hadn’t married so young.  how lucky for me that she did marry early, because i wouldn’t be here.  how lucky for me that i have such a supportive family that has encouraged me throughout these four years.

and that is a minor sampling of God’s grace in my life.  i pray i never forget to thank Him for all he has given me and all that continues to come my way.


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  1. Dude…

    The book I am reading right now is all about how success is dependant not only on intelligence or hard work but also on the opportunities you are presented with (i.e. good fortune or “grace”). No one who is truly successful got to where they are entirely through their own hard work or perseverence, despite what some would have you believe. If you are interested in the subject, the book is “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell.

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