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diarrhea “cha cha cha”

Posted in the poopers on December 16, 2008 by whenispark

i don’t remember what that is actually from…probably some stupid commerical from my childhood.  what marketing genius decided to add the “cha cha cha” as though any one that is about to have an explosion of poo from their behind is interested in the samba.

the point… it all starts with the fateful disposal of some very toxic taco bell in the garbage.  being the olfactory-gifted canine she is, delilah promptly sought out these grade z tacos and enjoyed them for an early breakfast, leaving her usual evidence of wrappers strewn about the living room.

fast-forward to several hours later.  dede is now running up and down the hallway as i lay in bed reading.  i had left work because of some pretty mayjah menstrual cramps – something i rarely get (and continually gloat about), so everytime i have them i whine and complain like a big ol’ baby.  so here dede is running up and down the hall doing her air-squeak thing she continually does.  i keep asking her what’s wrong in that obnoxiously high cutsey voice, and of course, she refuses to answer. 

i naturally assume she is upset because diamond and casey are nowhere to be found or that she is looking for chewkie or dom.  afterall, she was scratching at matt’s door.

fastforward – matt comes home.  “i think dede was looking for you today.. she was freaking out this afternoon”.  matt is of course flattered.  and why shouldn’t he be.  delilah is queen b here.  even casey, the only male dog, bows to her huge lipoma, her stinky left ear, and perpetual air leak.   chewkie per his usual routine heads  to his room, and finds dede was so excited to see him she left him a present…some diarrhea…in his bed.




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not “uh” but university hospitals.  here is another residency interview update:


i went in thinking it would be terrible – afterall, they interview 25 people per day and have three interview days.  to me, that just screams “we don’t care about you as a person”.  i didn’t leave the interview dinner feeling like it would be any different.  the student to resident ratio was grossly out of proportion, and i was just exceedingly relieved to find one of my classmates there.   we were then able to commandeer a couch, and we had the luxury of talking until people came up to us.  the program director was exceptionally nice, giving us hugs as we left the party early – the food was meh, and the company was average (particularly some of the other candidates).

at the actually interview day, we sat through 1.4 million lectures, but then quickly proceeded to our interviews. 

1: great lady, we had a nice discussion on ethics and morality.  she gave me an honest comparison to metro. i liked her spunk and honesty.

2: residents – pretty cool, although one was a bit timid to me, she was adorable nevertheless.  this was a time my board scores were mentioned by my irritation was mollified by their questions regarding the ccc.  all is forgiven. bonded with the third year resident – he would make an awesome chief.

3. pretty cool generalist who knew the former chair of the ob dept i did my clerkship in.  pretty easy to bond with her over that.  now in retrospect can hardly think of what we talked about.  not that interesting – although this was probably more to do with her velvet tie-dye shirt more than anything.  yikes, it was mesmerizing.  (side note: mesmerizing i think came from some magical dude named mesmer – yes?)

4. the program director’s husband who i had talked to the night before – genuinely a nice guy.  we had a nice discussion about reading, which i am quite fanatical about this year.  i am itching to read something now even though i should already be sleeping.

5. prog director herself – picture this:  middle age lady, maybe early 50s, pretty, likes wearing animal prints, bright colors (esp red!).  she definitely preoccupied with people’s appearances as she commented on it throughout the day – not applicants, but on her co-workers… appropriate time to mutter “awkwaaard” under my breath.

so there you go.   i did like the day overall though.  i’ll definitely be keeping them high on my list – got a good vibe.

time flies

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it’s almost frightening how quickly time has passed me by.  only 3 months ago i was panicking over submitting my common application form on eras – what if there is a typo, did i remember all of my extra curriculars, did i properly cite all of my research, etc.  not 1 week later, i was compulsively checking my e-mail and the eras website waiting to hear back from programs.  time went too quickly – i had the opportunity to start interviewing in october, but couldn’t bear the thought of starting that phase of my life.  my first interview did end up beginning in mid-november, but i was grossly unprepared compared to now… i hadn’t really wanted to start.  even now i approach most of my interviews with dread.  i hate even the thought of smiling when i don’t feel like it, or laughing at a joke i don’t think is that funny.  i hate asking questions i don’t care about regarding topics that won’t actually influence my decision to go to a residency.  so, inevitable, my disdain for these actions has led to me 1. not doing them 2. cringing when i see others doing them.

i have also become extremely cynical about the whole process.  there are three areas that are continually commented on in my application: 1. my boards scores (i guess i should have figured – they are very nice) 2. letters of recommendation 3. research.  and while these are nice, why comment on them?  i hate when i feel like they don’t even care about what i have to say, but are salivating for me to come to their program because my score on step 2 is bitchin’.  yes, bitchin’.  but ultimately, i would rather talk about my life, my hobbies, everything except medicine.  it has consumed my life for so long.

and on that same note, i still dread the progression of time.  i think about how i have spent my entire life in school and studying. what will i do when i am responsible for patients.  a real job.  people dependent on me.   no more winter and summer and spring vacations.  today is only one more reminder of those things as my month in the ed comes to a close.  

it has been a pretty entertaining month – although sometimes i am extremely bored and all i can think about is how much i want to leave.  today was not one of those days fortunately.  it was a wonderful way to end the month, especially since i was able to spend tonight’s shift working with my favorite e.d. resident.

step 2 cs

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silliness.  i am sure i did just fine. 

what it entails:  12 standardized patient interviews – 15 minutes to see the patient, 10 minutes to write a note, including your assessment and plan. something like 98% of US medical grads pass it without a problem (it is pass/fail).

my only observation was the pattern of all the other students not requiring the full 15 minutes to do a complete history and focused physical exam on the patients.  the very idea of this blows my mind – as a medical student, you should have plenty of questions in your repertoire to take up 15 minutes… but these interviews didn’t just involve doing the aforementioned tasks – you also had to summarize and explain your plan… basically – it should take you 15 minutes unless it’s an unbelieveably easy case.

although i suppose it doesn’t matter.  we’ll all pass, and we’ll all be good doctors regardless of that test.   plus i am pretty sure they are not going to continue administering it next year.  stupid.  not surprised.


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it was not too long ago in my religious discussions with z that the topic of grace came up, and i recall inquiring into what grace really meant.  his answer was it’s when you come by something you didn’t necessarily earn, which for some time was sort of inconceiveable to me.  i was always of the mantra that everything you have you should earn…but there are somethings that we all have that we did nothing to attain. 

nothing taught me more about grace than my recent interview at allegheny.  the program director was commending me on all of my positive characteristics and traits, but specifically my intelligence.  it was a nice interview because it was a lot of compliments for me, but when he raved about my “brilliance”, it really struck me on how fortunate i have been. 

i know i have  a very blessed life, but for some reason my epiphany came right then.  how lucky to have two very intelligent parents, with the only factor limiting their going to college was 1. their lack of ambition (my father) 2. three children by age 23 (my mother).  my mother eventually went back, but i just wonder what she would have achieved if she hadn’t married so young.  how lucky for me that she did marry early, because i wouldn’t be here.  how lucky for me that i have such a supportive family that has encouraged me throughout these four years.

and that is a minor sampling of God’s grace in my life.  i pray i never forget to thank Him for all he has given me and all that continues to come my way.