i have been rather lazy when it comes to update about interviews, so here i am to update about the past four.  i need to keep on this for the rest of time so that when i need to rank, i have yet another source, especially for my earlier interviews.  i need to have something to remember them by.  so my four interviews in order of occurrence:


when i first went to this interview, i looked back on it more positively than i should have, but that is the problem with a first interview.  you have nothing to compare it to.  if all that mattered to me was my interaction with the residents and the program coordinator, then i would certainly consider going there.  however, the feeling i got from the attendings was completely different.  the program director asked me about the state of summa and the things that dr. f would be getting into, which i thought was inappropriate and irrelevant to my interview.  another attending told me that they came back to metrohealth for the benefits, when i asked why she came back after leaving for two years.  now i am sure that was certainly a reason, but that should not be number one.  then most of the attendings asked, “well why should we take you?”  i just felt like the attitude of the attendings toward the residents was not an environment i would want to be in.  i should note it wasn’t all bad.  there was one attending that was into medical education that i completely bonded with, and i know i would enjoy working with him.  and again, i was interviewed by a resident who i definitely enjoyed talking to.

so overall, it was meh. (which p.s. is now a word in the dictionary!)


my reception at aultman was certainly a welcoming one.  despite their statement at the dinner and throughout the day that they all get along i was a little skeptical because only 3 showed up to the dinner, 2 of which were interns.  it was a frustrating interview because you would ask the residents one simple question and all three would feel the need to provide an anecdote to answer with none of them telling you something different.  however, it was pretty clear that liked being there and were happy.  as to the attendings, they were all welcoming and kind, and i felt like i would be wanted there. the main downfall?  it’s canton.


loved it, loved it, loved it.  i loved the residents, the musc students, the attendings.  it was like i was at summa – but without having to have been there for 10 weeks.  i was there for a few hours and felt comfortable.  they had some students from the north, so i know they would be willing to take students from there and it was one more way for me to bond.  i liked all of the attendings, and it was a rare occasion that they tried to pimp me on my application.  instead they tried to find out about my life outside of medicine and how i worked to maintain it.  i had very personal conversations with the attendings.  basically, there was nothing after that interview that i could say i didn’t like.  the program director was completely and utterly wonderful.  if i decide i’d like to go out of state (which is definitely a strong possibility), i will be striving to go there.  i may try and go back for a second look if i can get z to go as well.


summa was…summa.  they know how i feel about them, and vice versa.  if i decide to stay in the area, i will certainly be there and loving it.  dr. f is wonderful, the residents are great overall, and i know who the chiefs will be and they are awesome.  the attendings are all incredible, and i know them well.

so right now, the two top contenders are summa and musc.  we’ll see where things go.  i will start trying to make individual posts about interviews.


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