happy thanksgiving

i was recently asked what my favorite holiday is, and after some contemplation, i decided it was thanksgiving.  don’t get me wrong, i love christmas.  however, in my family thanksgiving is the time of year that i see most of my family all at once.  i don’t see my father’s side of the family, but i still love the time i spend.  the other downfall of my christmas experience is that i have to hop around to a million places without much time being spent with any one group.  i look forward to the time when i have a family of my own and have an excuse to spend it at one place for the entire day.

and that is what i love about thanksgiving.  because my mother doesn’t do it here, and my father only does it here, there is only one place i can be for that holiday.  this year, i joined my mother to kill two birds with one stone.  on monday i have my step cs (clinical skills) in atlanta.  why atlanta?  well because the test entails interviewing real patients, they can’t have this test every where like my other boards.  thus it is only in 6 places in the country, and atlanta is one of them.

this year was also special because steve’s family joined us.  i have always gotten along well with them, and as i get older i appreciate the change in the relationship i have with his family – certainly a positive one.  every year, one of my favorite parts of christmas was knowing on christmas eve that i would spending the evening at mike and kathy’s house.  it really is one of my favorite holiday traditions.  this year also offered my the opportunity to talk to sarah a little more than usual.  i don’t know why that hasn’t happened in the past, but i do like her very much, and i hope there are more opportunities to spend time with her.  i loved sitting at dinner next to mike and kathy last night as we talked about all of the places i’d like to go, and places i hadn’t previously considered going.

the remainder of today and tomorrow will now be spent preparing for monday, but there is little i need to do.  i have been technically been preparing for this test for the past 3 years of my life and if i can’t do it without a ton of prep, then i really shouldn’t be a doctor.


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