crazy awesome

yesterday i had the joy of not only viewing but also actively participating in a “laparoscopic salpingoophorectomy” which is a fancy-schmancy way of saying we’re taking out a tube and ovary.

as the surgery began, i took to my usual post between the patient’s legs to push on a tool that would suspend the uterus in air within the patient’s abdomen.  it’s an easy task, and i have never minded doing it because unlike retracting, it requires no physicial exertion and still affords the opportunity for the medical student to watch the surgery.

yesterday was different though.  as i stood there, the doctor asked if i would like to stand up at the side of the table.  flabbergasted at why this would be an option, i asked him what he would do. 

“i’ll stand there and hold the uterus up while you come down here.”

“why would you do that” – as i start to edge back from my trusty position.

“because i want you to come here for residency you twit.”

well, that was more than enough reason for me as i scurried around the table to my new post.  and there i stood.  my first task was putting in a new trocar, and i managed with no difficulty, both in making the incision and in placing the trocar.  next was helping out by grasping the appropriate structures.  it was a little strange getting used to it at first because you’re obviously watching a tv screen where everything you do is reversed, much like watching it in a mirror.  the rush was unbelieveable, and despite all the pressure and sweaty armpits, i managed to do a good job.  we finished up the case and i helped close the ports as though i were an integral part of the case. 

this is all of what i look forward to.   i will miss it, as tomorrow is my last day.

as an update – today the same doctor asked, “if i let you do an entire vaginal hysterectomy, will you promise to come here for residency”.   fortunately, he doesn’t have any lined up tomorrow so i didn’t have to answer that question.  it’s nice to feel wanted.


One Response to “crazy awesome”

  1. That’s friggin awesome! It sounds like you rocked the procedure, too, so way to go!

    Once you’re a resident, though, don’t forget how nice it is to give your med students feedback on how they’re doing.

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