full of air

nothing makes a gynecologist’s heart drop faster than when they hear one of two things:

1. “why is the foley bag full of air?”

2. “the urine is red.”

those both mean one of two things – damage to the ureters or damage to the bladder.  despite their reputation of perf’ing plenty of these structures, it has been a rarity in my experience, albiet a limited one.  and by rarity, i mean it never happened in a case i have been in prior to today.  i was unfortunate enough to be in the case where the trocar (google it) went through both walls of the bladder. 

it was still something i needed to see – mostly because it’s a very possible complication when operating in that area, and because i was able to see a physician deliver bad news, something that can be particularly easy.  it was a fun morning though since i was the only one working the doctor – i got a lot of one-on-one attention.  the positive of this was negated by the fact that i only got 3 hours of sleep and said such idiotic things like:

“tomorrow’s game was bad news then…” – that was when refering to yesterday’s steeler’s game.   really?  tomorrow’s game was bad news? slick.


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