ob/gyn at my home base commences

it’s pretty great to be back – free food, free parking, attendings and residents that i already know.  i only anticipate the time spent to improve. 

this first week has been gyne service, and while i skip the silly details, i am obliged to say that the chief i work with has been strangle-worthy lately.  overall, he’s a pretty decent guy – i know he just wants to make me a great student and prepare me for residency.  but sometimes he just says and does ridiculous things.  such things include telling me that he thinks i am a good student, but that some people in the program are still unsure of me.  this comment may be entirely true – and that’s fine.  but there is no point in telling me this.  although i do doubt that it is true.  time and time again, i am able to impress attendings with both my knowledge and skills when put to the test.  i can do a mean subcuticular stich along with a quick and neat suturing of the fascia.  this program is good, but it’s not the best on the list, and i know many of the attendings and residents are hoping i will come there.  i know i can get into better programs, and i might really go for those better programs – so telling me that some people are all “meh” about me is not really a way to sell a program to me.  i’m a good candidate and i will definitely bust my ass on residency.  even as a fourth year i work more hours than i need to – and it’s not to impress them – i don’t need any letters of rec – i already got ’em.  whatever.

anyway, i’m looking forward to friday.  i will be done with that resident, i’ll pick up some pictures, and head back out to the burgh for some fun.  plus, on friday, i’ll get to scrub in on some surgeries where i might actually be the one doing something instead of watching.  we will see.   i have to go though, nasal congestion is making me sleepy and i still want to go for a run on a miserably gray october evening.


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