3:47 am

that time simplifies one of the fantastic aspects of the fourth year of medical school which is that you have no tests (once you have completed usmle step 2) and minimal obligations on rotations.  this is something that blew my mind when i was a newly entering m1.  i could not believe that fourth year was essentially a joy ride with much of the time when you’re supposed to be on rotations, you are off interviewing. 

i have been further blessed by the fact that my next elective doesn’t start until the 6th of october, and i finished my last rotation on 9/19 and step 2 on 9/30.  i am home free for those 6 days in between my test and my next rotation.  well, not entirely.  since i have been in pittsburgh for the past month, i have a lot to catch up on.  like bills.  oops.  i actually got a call today from summa regarding one of them.  they can wait.  i think it’s only 100 dollars.  100 i would rather not spend there, but clearly there is not a component of choice.  additionally, i have had multiple meetings and other errands i have neglected until this time.  unfortunately, there are just not enough hours in the day. which has resulted me being up until 4 in the morning. 

overall, this has really been an exciting time for me.  i have submitted my eras (electronic residency application s…something) to 22 programs.  i have changed my mind on 2 of the programs and 1other program is for a “practice” interview. so, out of the 20 programs i will interview at, i already have 9 interviews.  this is going to be a little overwhelming… i was originally saying i would only do 6 or 7 interviews, but now i know i’ll be doing more.  i can’t do 20 interviews if i somehow manage to get an offer at all of them (which i don’t anticipate), but i don’t even want to do much more than 10.  it’s nice having too many options 🙂

so that’s pretty much it in terms of life update.  i’ll have some other posts in the days to come (if not in the days to come, then definitely starting october 6th…i’ll be back in pittsburgh this weekend).


2 Responses to “3:47 am”

  1. Take it from me, if you apply to twenty jobs, you usually only get one interview. Dave said the statistics on job applications is something like one out of twenty applications garners an interview.

  2. yeah for regular interviews that’s probably true – but for residency stuff, it’s different. of those 20, i already have ~ 13 and there are a couple more i know i’ll hear from for sure.

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