i have not washed my hair in two days, which can only mean one thing… i have officially immersed myself in studying for my step 2 of boards.  my immediate family would probably remember this time well last summer when i did something similar for step 1.  my entire life was a routine until i took that test.  fortunately, step 2 is a little more laid back, but it still means i am dedicating long hours to studying.  i sit at my desk for hours upon hours with the occasional break intermixed.  i do practice question after practice question until i am so antsy to get away from my computer that i start getting 40%’s on my quizzes.  that’s my heralding sign that it’s time to stop.

unlike step 1, a time when my only thought was to study, step 2 is overshadowed by every aspect of fourth year:  fourth year electives, residency programs, letters of recommendation, oh my.  there are still a million things i need to do while studying for this exam.  then in my personal life, which isn’t filled so much with personal things, i still have obligations… my e-check status is particular is looming over my head.  sigh.  all i want to do is a study and get this done with.


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