i know i’ve been bad.  but soon, i will be more regular on this bad boy.  unfortunately, it’s that time of year again – and you wouldn’t know what time of year it is because i didn’t have this thing during this time of year.

i won’t try and write all my recent experiences on one post, but will hopefully feature a whole bunch of mini-ones.

let’s start with the end of peds:  thank god it’s over.  while most of my reviews were positive, i have those few laughable ones where those craptacular residents i mentioned gave my  shiteous reviews.  really it was only one review, but she was such a wench that she mad it a pretty bad one.  it’s not even worth reiterating what she didn’t like about me, because it was actually just that she didn’t like me.  she didn’t work with me enough to how i did on the floors, but she was damn sure that i was just actin’ too big for my britches.  that’s right, i said britches.

despite all her best efforts, i managed to wow the clerkship director, who told me that if i honored the shelf i would honor the rotation.  given my previous history, i simply told her that wasn’t gonna happen, but i appreciate her letting me know.  not something you usually say to your clerkship director, but you know…i have spent an entire year busting my ass….why on earth would i start honoring the shelves now?  those tests are set up to reward the students who sit in the library with one thumb up their ass and the other one turning the page of their text book when they should be on the floors interacting with patients.  but i’m not bitter. 

i say that with all humor, because i am not.  i have an invaluable experiences this year that i would not trade for a couple of points on some stupid meaningless test.  i still don’t have the shelf grade yet, but i will say it’s unlikely i honored.  i walked out of it feeling the way i did after family – as in, hey maybe i did honor it… 1 week later – nope.   i’m gonna assume it will just be a repeat.  and honestly, it doesn’t make a difference this year.  it would be one thing if i honored all the shelves or honored a couple, but to suddenly manage one, it’s like, meh big deal.  it looks more like a lucky break than by my own efforts (and it probably would be).

nevertheless, peds is over and i am overjoyed.


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