at first sight

i rarely have these types of posts, but i feel compelled to write about this.  partly so my big sis is in the loop and partly because i just have to get it out there. 

there is nothing so intoxicating than when you first meet someone.  there is always just so much to talk about and so much to learn about another person.  now, i should forewarn  – i am not all goo-goo-gaa-gaa about this.  i am just acknowledging how these things work in life.  my more recent situation is just particularly mind-boggling.  it’s as though god cloned me and then turned him into a guy, but then switched up a few things just to make things interesting, like a love for laundry, which i don’t particularly have. 

this new person has fascinated me simply because he is me.

oh let’s go back.  i met him at my friend’s birthday.  we talked at the bar, but it was a great conversation, at least in my drunken state i thought it was great.  i remember the next morning telling my friend how i like this boy.  not as in i want to make babies, but more that i had appreciated his company.  fast-forward 1-2 weeks.  i spent a marvelous time talking with him at a party, after which point he managed to get my number – cool.  we have spent much time since then talking on the phone and it has been fantastic.  there is no limit to the things i want to know, to the things i can comfortably bring up – like ‘do nuts grow on trees?’  i wonder it, i say it.  he asks the most interesting questions, like what are your three favorite foods, and please personify them.   how can you get tired of that?

but then that begs the question… will the conversations eventually revert to your day at work?  i don’t think there is much that bores me more.  that is not the story i want to hear.  unless something ridiculously awesome/hilarious/terrible etc. occurs.  but i do wonder – does the conversation have to become monotonous?  can you find that person that will mentally stimulate you for years to come? 

i don’t expect this person to be the one i end up with for life, but i will have fun talking to him.  when i ended my last relationship, i promised myself to make residency about myself.  i wanted it to be a free decision, and i am relatively determined to hold true to that.  (obviously there were other issues with that relationship, but i digress).

this situation also has it’s positives as he is a friend of my best friend.  i say this because i have begun to question my ability to pick out boys, and after mentioning i liked him, she said she hoped i would.  i definitely think i need to break my pattern, and i believe that i need to steer clear of the doctor types… it’s just a bunch of doods with the napoleon complex.

is it strange that whenever i know thing of napoleon bonaparte, i first think of napoleon dynamite, and his name is so strong in my mind that it takes me a full minute to remember bonaparte?


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