it boggles my mind that i ever considered it for a profession.  so much so that it actually irritates me when i have family/friends still ask – you want to do peds, right?  shit, no.

for the first time in my life, i wasn’t utterly miserable on outpt (besides OB).  but let me tell you how much that was overshadowed by the fact that inpt peds is utterly atrocious.  not that it has much to do with the kids, but more the residents.  they’re miserable, and they constantly show it.  they’re rude and generally just ignore us.  it’s such a waste.  i don’t even know what i did for the past week except be constantly exposed to the bliss of being ignored. 

i wouldn’t have a problem with this except these people will be evaluating me.  as if they have any idea how i interact with patients, or have ever sat down and talked with me to guage my ability to learn or even to see how much i already know. (run-on sentence of the year.)

most of inpt peds is silly.  it seems like kids are just admitted to the hospital to placate the parents.  most of these kids are a little sick.  oh, you have diarrhea? let’s admit you.  i was never in the hospital in my entire youth, except for when chewkie managed to get hit by a car, but that sure as hell wasn’t for me.

between peds and ob, it really makes me not want to have kids.  esp the peds part – bc i swear, if i ever become that neurotic – shoot me.


i can’t even stand writing about this stuff it’s so overwhelming.  maybe when i get bored over the next 1.5 weeks i’ll do shorter blurbs about how much it sucks at the children’s hospital.


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