a quickie: not literally but then really

that’s in reference to the post and then my run.

the ob shelf was horrible.  i have no idea how i did, but it certainly didn’t feel good, especially considering how hard i studied.

looked at my time for that 5k from june 14th – i ran about 9:48 minute mile.  today i ran 4.1 miles at about 9:15 minute mile.  See – it totally was that guy talking to me.  I ran a longer distance in a shorter amount of time per mile.

well, another 5k this weekend i think if dave would ever get back to me.  dbag dave!


3 Responses to “a quickie: not literally but then really”

  1. Dude! I e-mailed you a few days ago… I replied to the address you sent to me. Here is the text… did you not get the e-mail? I will call you this evening.

    “Hey brotherman,

    The 5k this weekend is in Green at the Boettler Park Pavillion. Race day registration is from 6:30am to 7:45am, the race is at 8:00am. I have attached the flyer for your reference. I will be heading down around 6:30… if you want to ride along or whatever let me know.


  2. Dave clearly did not realize he was logged in as ME when he made that comment. How nice.

  3. dave clearly thought that rachel was smart enough to log herself out of wordpress when she was done using his computer…. guess not

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