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a little feel-good session

Posted in medicine on June 19, 2008 by whenispark

time for me to brag some:

so after revealing my concern about not doing well on my shelf tomorrow to my favorite ob/gyn attending, he pulled me aside and sat down with me.  He proceeds to tell me i am the best medical student he has seen in 4 years, and if it were possible, he thinks i should be hired as a resident now.  both major compliments.  we talked for a little while longer and i mentioned i may decide to stick around here to practice and all that and that i would give his group a call (just sort of being friendly, but i really would), and he got serious and told me he would absolutely hire me. 

i dunno, there is something crazy about this rotation.  i have wanted to do well, my motivation has been extraordinary even at the end of the rotation.  i feel so prepared, and my test questions have shown it.  on my past usmle world test, i managed a 74% and the average was a 54%, and it wasn’t a fluke.  i had other exams where i also did well.  now, the last step is hopping into bed and getting some sleep…after i finish this post.

another inspiring and wonderful event that happened was having the chair of the ob/gyn department page me to ask how my race went this weekend.  the same ob/gyn doctor who calls me “non-meg” or when he’s really into aggravating me – just plain meg.  you know it’s cool when an important attending goes out of their way to ask you about your personal life.

these two attendings are both attendings that i will have write letters of recommendation for my residency applications.  i will ask my clerkship director as well, but i really feel like these are the two that know me the best.  hopefully i will also be able to get one from an away rotation, which i mail in one of the applications tomorrow.  cross your fingers!