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Posted in tangential/circumferential, the home life on June 14, 2008 by whenispark

today, i ran my first 5k.  overall i did pretty well, clocking in around 30:18 for 3.1 miles, and my goal within my head was around 30 minutes (i wanted to run less than a 10 minute mile).  it was a pretty fun experience, although strange, because realistically, i could run for free at home rather than pay 20 dollars, but it goes to charity and all that.  additionally, i’ve realized, these races provide that motivation to run even more.  it gives me something to which i can compare myself.  for instance, the next available 5k, i can run it with the hopes of improving my time. 

although, i must say, i probably could have been under 30 minutes had it not been for this random man trying to hold a conversation with me while running.  Since i had set the goal of ~30 minutes, i knew i’d have to run pretty hard, especially considering the humidity and rain.  it was bound to be a tough run.  and i know it had something to do with the whole talking thing because for the first 2 miles, i was fine running at my usual pace.  i remember hitting two miles at about 19:30, and it was meh from there cause he wouldn’t stop talking.  this man ran next to me for about 1.5 miles, and here he is with his jumbo long legs, and my with my little ones working to maximize their stride.  curse him.

nevertheless, i was happy with my run and finish.  i set a realistic goal an achieved it.  it was especially fun because in the beginning, you see all these people sprint off, and you want to run past them, but then you calm yourself and let it go.  because when you get to that last half mile, those are the people you pass.  while some people were walking up that final hill, i jogged with pride (although, with my runs, they always end on a hill).   so yay to the next one (potentially july 4th).

dave hit his goal of 25 minutes, and rachel without any particular goal or preparation hit 40 minutes (under 13 minutes/mile – very nice!  🙂   )