ew, super gross

so i went running this evening, and what a beautiful run it was, until about 1 mile in, i felt something in my eye.  unfortunately, i have humongous eyes (such that in middle school, a boy used to call me “bug eyes”, something my sister still likes to bring up), so it’s not unusual for something to end up in there.  i mean, when it comes to probability, and i consider the amount of space on my face my eyes take up, something is bound to end up in there.

so as i said, i am running, and i stop and try and get it out, keep trying, keep trying.  finally i reach a point where i can’t feel anything, and i’m pretty sure i got whatever it was out.  fast forward.  at home looking in my little cosmetic mirror, and for some reason, i pulled my eyelid down.  in retrospect, i really don’t even know why i pulled down my eyelid.  my eye wasn’t bothering, but lo and behold, there was something tucked away in it.  and you know what it was?  if you haven’t guess by now, you’re a damn fool.  a bug.  gross.

i ran miles with a bug in my eye.


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