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a high school reunion

Posted in random rants, tangential/circumferential, the home life on June 8, 2008 by whenispark

ah, nothing like meeting up with some people from high school. 

i was supposed to spend some time with my friends from hs, linds and ash when i got kind of tired.  i bailed and told them have fun.  they text me telling me, hey, we’re going to MM’s, you should come.  i keep saying no, but then some of the boys there, get a hold of my number, and i realize there is a zero percent chance of me getting any work done. 

here’s a roster for you (rach):  shane b., matt m., shane s., and mike m.  some of those you won’t know, but the most entertaining one is the first, one rachel will most certainly know.  SB was the most popular boy in school, and consequently, the most obnoxious.  from grades 7-10 he teased me incessantly, sometimes to the point of meanness.  then there was a turning point in 11th grade and he was nice.  i never bothered trying to figure out why, because i never cared. 

if we go forward a couple years, bri and i go out and run into him and his buds.  bri had always been better friends with them, but i never had much inclination for anyone in hs.  we hung out with them, and at the end of the night, he asks me to “make out” with him.  barf.  i simply say, i have a boyfriend, and all of a sudden he’s like ‘oh well, i didn’t mean it, i have a girlfriend, i’m loyal.’  this is why i have so little faith in boys and relationships and marriage.

so the other night, telling him about a story from 7th grade regarding his poor treatment of me (cause i hold the power now, dammit), and after his interspersed “sweethearts” (barf again), the conversation goes something like this:

“oh well maybe i had a crush on you.”

“or maybe i always gave you a good reaction to keep you going”

“maybe, but i could have had a crush on you.”

“i doubt it.”

people do that kind of thing to atone for the past in hopes that they have a chance in the future.  it’s sickeningly obvious and if i didn’t transmit it well through this post, then i apologize, but that was the ploy.  around the time all of these people started getting drunk and disgusting (like commenting on my boobs and other such nonsense), i left along with my friends.  it makes me look back and thank god i never wasted time in high school trying to hang out with people like them.  it makes me so much happy that i spent time with my best friends and family and didn’t waste a moment on that drama.

it’s kind of sad to see such a legacy (albeit highschool legacy), become so pathetic.


ew, super gross

Posted in tangential/circumferential on June 8, 2008 by whenispark

so i went running this evening, and what a beautiful run it was, until about 1 mile in, i felt something in my eye.  unfortunately, i have humongous eyes (such that in middle school, a boy used to call me “bug eyes”, something my sister still likes to bring up), so it’s not unusual for something to end up in there.  i mean, when it comes to probability, and i consider the amount of space on my face my eyes take up, something is bound to end up in there.

so as i said, i am running, and i stop and try and get it out, keep trying, keep trying.  finally i reach a point where i can’t feel anything, and i’m pretty sure i got whatever it was out.  fast forward.  at home looking in my little cosmetic mirror, and for some reason, i pulled my eyelid down.  in retrospect, i really don’t even know why i pulled down my eyelid.  my eye wasn’t bothering, but lo and behold, there was something tucked away in it.  and you know what it was?  if you haven’t guess by now, you’re a damn fool.  a bug.  gross.

i ran miles with a bug in my eye.