where the heck is number 3?

my main job on ob? deliver the placenta fool.  and like every good medical student, i must know the signs that the sack of blood that attached to the uterus for months like a parasite is ready to come out:

1. cord lengthening (duh)

2. uterus hardening

3. gush of blood

the other night i was on night float, and after having delivered the baby (wohoo!) it was time to deliver the placenta.  the cord started lengthening pretty quickly as i pulled, and i could feel her uterus contracting pretty hard.  after much lengthening, i saw lengthening no more.  and i was all like, where the heck is the gush of blood and why did the cord stop lengthening.  now my regular blog-readers (rachel and dave), i was no noob at placenta delivery by this point, i mean heck, they graduated me to real live babies.  i figured, this bad boy is probably stuck.  then a thought crossed my mind:

thank god i put the ugg boots on.  the ugg boots are booties that go up to your knees, which is sweet cause the gown goes past them, meaning i am covered in fantastic blue disposable fabric.

back to the situation – peek in the vajay, see the placenta hanging out, and give it a nice tug.  and you know what decided to show?  that gush of blood – except now, it was a damn geyser, because as i patiently waited for the placenta to come out, all that blood filled up in the uterus until it was ready to shoot out at me – me who was front and center.  needless to say, i was quite literally covered in blood.  at that moment you kind of just have to laugh.  especially when the new mom asks “is it weird to be covered in someone’s blood.”

my response?  you just kinda get used to it.  ha, used to it.


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