our closest neighbor returns

if you have lived here on hile, than you know better than anyone else who that is – however, with my being rather vague – you (as in rachel) will simply go ‘doh’ and slap your hand to your forehead.  i am speaking of mama robin as i call her, who, as far as i can remember, has made her annual summer vacation home above our back deck light.  every year, after she leaves, we don’t bother to clean up her old nest, hoping to help her out a little next year.  just in case, we also leave all her and her babies’ bird poop.  you just never know.

today was especially exciting though – today the babies were born!  and at the risk of having my eyes pecked out, i pulled out one of our island chairs and snuck some pictures.  and by snuck, i mean under the horrified eye of mama robin, who occasionally swooped in to intimidate me.  thus – to share the joy, i have attached the following pictures of these super cute, yet very alien looking baby robins. 


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