i know that’s not a word.  or at least, i don’t think that’s a word – it’s tough with medical school – grammar, spelling, etc all go down the crapper. 

so, i used to like ethics.  then medical school happened.  and not just any medical school – my medical school.  our primary ethics teacher would spend hours finding out what we thought about different issues as we sat in a classroom of 130 students.  she would only manage to get the same 5 people to debate (i was not one of them – mostly because i skipped these lectures once i figured out their stupid structure).  at the end of the hour and lots of “mm hmm” and “okaaay” ‘s later, we would have no idea what was actually legal within the medical field, which is kind of important, especially when in one year you’ll be working in the field.  

well the horrors of those classes were nothing compared to the tard who came in and spoke with us last week.  her job was to be an ethicist for the hospital, and part of her appeal to us was that when something controversial comes up – consider also asking for her help, not just the lawyers.  bitch please – i’m gonna do what’s legal, not spend hours debating.  which is AGAIN what this new lady tried to get us to do. 

now, i dislike this woman very much for three reasons:

1.  she scolded some students for side conversations after she asked the class a question because she felt they were being rude after she strolled in 15 minutes late because of “traffic” – hey lady, who are you kidding?  it’s 2 pm and this school is in b.f.e.  (there dave).

2.  she had us debate over a case regarding aspects of neonatology when we are on ob, without any of us having peds yet.  none of us were even remotely qualified to be speaking on the topic.

3.  she pushed her opinion on us.  she was clearly biased.  when i stated that i believed there was a difference between removing treatment and never initiating it, she was like “are you sure?”  uh yeah.  “well, there is no difference.”  to who? (whom?)  you?   well, i don’t give a rats ass what you think.  i care what my patients think.  tell that to a patient.  tell that to parents of a baby patient.  she was rude and completely insensitive to any of our stand points unless they agreed with hers, and to me, that’s the worst sort of person to lead a debate in ethics.

and because i can, her clothes were too tight – whore!


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