unfortunately for you dave – there is no punctuation in that abbreviation.  ob or ob/gyn or obstetrics and gynecology or delivering babies and looking inside vaginas.  whichever you prefer.  out of sheer laziness, i will mostly call it ob – but often when i speak of ob i am refering to labor and delivery or l&d.   i am currently on this clerkship, and i am definitely enjoying it.  it offers something that none of the other fields offer – clinic, l&d and surgery.  you get all three, and there is probably no other profession in medicine with that much variety.  like every job, medical specialties are repetitive, so you better like what you do, and i have been having fun on ob. 

mind you, not initially, but mostly because i had no idea what i was allowed to do and what i wasn’t allowed to do.  like is it okay to go into the pregger in labor’s room and stick my fingers in her vajay to check for cervical dilation – something that is standard to do every 2 hours?  the answer?  yes, so long as the pt has an epidural and another person is in the room.  makes sense – otherwise you’re the creepy medical student that sticks their fingers in no-no spots.

the highlight of my time on ob came when i was on night float (worked at night for 4 days) – which is when women deliver.  as a medical student, the one thing you want to see is a delivery, yet the one thing that consistently happens is babies delivery during lecture or once you leave.  awesome.  hence the purpose of night float.  on my last morning, i had the opportunity to deliver a baby which was nuts (for the record, i almost typed witch).  my heart was probably going the speed of the baby’s.  it was just amazing.  the babies are of course slippery and pretty gross initially when they come out, but after about 5 minutes, they are just beautiful. 

i’m not one of those people that gets redonk when i see a baby, but i doubt there is anything so beautiful as a newborn baby.  they are so tiny, and instantly consoleable once placed in their mother’s arms.

it is amazing that something that is so long (labor) ends with something so quick (delivery).  those babies just shoot out of there once the head is out.   the whole thing is still a blur.  I look forward to when i’m on l&d again so i can have another go.  i have also held the newborns when they come out of the uterus right after we do the c-section. 

overall, i still have no idea what i’ll do with my life, but i never expected to like ob one bit.  i really thought looking down there would be uber-gross – and it’s not like i love it, but i don’t really think anything of it.  and not to say that might not be gross (aka std central), but give ’em some antibiotics and it’s all good.  er is still a top contender, but i still haven’t decided.  i’ll basically be looking into an ob elective in the month of october, just after my er elective – it will be easy to compare/contrast the two.


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