aka c-section.  my first real day on ob consisted of me being privy to such an event.  it was pretty much utter craziness.  i’m scrubbed in, fortunately not retracting, but definitely getting pimped watching the whole thing with a phenomenal view.  basically after you have just let loose the ocean, aka the amniotic fluid, everywhere, there have a weird looking alien.  babies are actually pretty gross looking when born, which i know is decently well known now-a-days, and c/s’s are no exception.  however, once they’re pulled out, the cord is cut and they’re cleaned up (all of which takes about 5 minutes), they’re adorable and incredibly tiny.  i have seen new babies, but not newborns.  they are magnificient.  i don’t know that i would want my own, but you can see easily how beautiful and precious human life is.

it’s unfortunate when you see them and think of the hardship they will endure.  in that moment that you stand next to the incubator, there is nothing so beautiful as a new life.  they lay there wrapped up, silently wiggling within their blanket.  this one in particularly layed there opening and closing his mouth.


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