a harmless trip to the chiropracter…

as i spend my enlightened days doing retrospective chart reviews for research, i see cases of stroke after stroke.  most of them are 70 year old men, but then i came across a 34 year old woman.  and, i stop and think to myself, wtf?

so i start reading about this woman.  and you know what happened?  she went to the chiropracter who was doing some “safe” manipulations on her neck – and she suddenly developed stroke like symptoms.  She chalked it up to a side affect of her migraines (not totally unreasonable).  She eventually got worried and came into the e.d..  after much imaging, you know what they found?

a vertebral dissection.  what’s that you ask?  it’s when you get tears within the vertebral artery – which coincidentally runs in the vertebrae in your neck.  she had a stroke at 34…thirty-four.  so, great – this 34 year old woman who just had a baby (yeah, didn’t mention that in the beginning, but yea – new mom) now has permanent disability because of high velocity neck-cracking.

boo alternative medicine.


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