really the only reason i am writing is to procrastinate studying the physical exam of the hip and pelvis.  the doctor i work for insisted that i read this book, and while informative, it is most certainly dry.  i have since tried every form of procrastination, yet i am too efficient with procrastinating, so i am down to my final method, which is clearly writing in this blog.  i don’t have much of the book left, but it’s enough.

today, i didn’t go to church.  which to many, you might be like, so?  but i have gone pretty religiously (ha) since i started dating my boyfriend.  the last couple months i have been more deliquent, but i just haven’t wanted to go, and i am of the attitude that if you don’t want to do something, generally you shouldn’t.  (as proven by the fact that i don’t want to read this book).  mostly i didn’t go today because the church i like is a half hour away.  there is a closer one about 3 minutes away but i hate that hippie church with their guitars and tambourines.  nonsense.  how can you possible focus when someone is going to town on a tambourine?

yesterday i had the distinct honor of draining the biggest abscess i have seen yet.  there is nothing more gratifying than draining an abscess filled with pus.  numb up the area with some lidocaine, go at them with an 11 blade (aka an exact-o knife) and have fun squeezing that baby open.  pack it with some gauze and send the poor soul out.  i love it.


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