drug seekers… most of the time, these people are very difficult to tell from people with real pain.  today, i had a blatant example of one.  and it’s not what you would expect – i usually picture a young guy.  not this one, it was a little old lady.  so how do i know?  well, here are the basics.

she comes in telling me that she fell, tripping over some carpet while trying to get a lamp.  she fell on her knee.  her knee hurts.  i physically examine the knee and i am pressing hard.  she doesn’t even flinch.  ooooh but it’s an 8/10 for pain.  well, because this woman is over 55 (thus, at risk for fractures), i need to xray her knee, knowing full well she doesn’t have a fracture, and she probably didn’t fall.

xray is normal.

i go in the room –

“well you xray appears to be normal, but i can’t be sure.  i am going to wait until the doctor i work with takes a look because i may be wrong.”

“oh, my ankle hurts too.”  as she points at her ankle.

“oh, really.”  i start pressing her ankle with no flinching.  “does it hurt more than the knee?”

“oh yes, definitely.”

i tell the doc i work for about this.  the pt is now clearly seeking drugs in my mind.  he goes in the room now.

“the xray is normal.  you just have some arthritis.”

“oh and my hip hurts.”

“what helps take care of the pain for you?  tylenol? motrin? vicodin?”


peace out lady.  we give her the infernal vicodin and boot her.

there’s your tax dollars at work people…and to think – you want to make healthcare free for everyone.  because clearly it’s being effectively used now.


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