you don’t even KNOW


’tis over.  i am now able to joyfully sit at my desk, eating skittles for dinner and relax knowing i never have to do that again.

the test went well, i think.  i hesitate even saying that just because of how i felt walking out of psych and seeing how that turned out.  nevertheless, i felt okay walking out of the test, feeling like the test could have gone either way.  afterward, i immediately got to work doing the things a third year medical student should be doing – applying for away electives, putting together my fourth year schedule, working on my cv – which, by the way, if anyone of my family is an ace at microsoft word, i would totally pay someone to format that stupid thing.  i hate computers, and i especially hate doing complicated things on a computer.  like making a word document. 

i worked for several hours but eventually crashed and burned because i couldn’t manage to get the spacing to line up between two columns because, you see, one had bullets, and the other one didn’t but i need the one column to have them, but the other column describes the dates of the first column, and now you see why i hate this.  unfortunately, i want to do this right because i will have to make changes to it for the rest of my life, and i hate redoing things.  so like i said – help me.

after the aforementioned crashing and burning took place, i got a call from meggers the preggers to go to gabe’s.  if you don’t know what gabes is… then i am sorry.  it is a mecca of cheap, oftentimes damaged clothing.  you walk into a department size store that smells funny, grab a cart, and if you’re a pro, you wander around there for about 4 hours and head to a dressing room with a cart that is loaded approximately 2 feet above the top of the cart.   i probably managed to try on 40 articles of clothing – i walked away with ~6-8.   this is pretty typical.  oh, and go on fridays – that’s shipment day.  (rach – tons of ann taylor loft.)

by the end of this 4-5 hour shopping spree, meg and i were so hungry, i was starting to get symptoms of hypoglycemia.  and how do two medical students feed themselves post-exam?  why, chipotle of course.  and how do two medical students converse over said meal? why, about the test of course.  this makes us pretty major nerds, as though we weren’t already, because our conversation at some point went something like this:

“oh and what about that question about the guy with the hard liver and the anemia but negative hemoccult?”

“oh i said c-scope”

“yeah, i said colonoscopy, but at first i was gonna say CEA, but then i was like, but what about the anemia.  so i thought about doing the hemoccult.”

“see, i was all like, eff the hemoccult.  scope this guy, cause he needs it anyway.  he’s 62 and hasn’t been to the doctor in 15 years.”

or how about this one…

“oh and what about the one with the xray – what antibiotic would you have given?”

“ah, no, that was the steeple sign – i said bronchodilator.”

“the steeple sign”

“yeah it’s with croup, which is viral, so i didn’t give an antibiotic.  besides, epiglottitis usually has drooling.”

“he was sort of drooling.  he keep spitting.”

“well whatever, croup has drooling too.  it’s just more classic with epiglottitis.”

and while we’re doing this, i’m just thinking in the background of my brain how happy i am that chipotle always plays really loud music. 


One Response to “you don’t even KNOW”

  1. Haha I feel bad for the Chipotle customers sitting within earshot! But what can I say, I do the same thing at Starbucks.

    “No, the worms lay their eggs in your gut. It’s only when you ingest the eggs from fecal contamination that you get them in your brain.”

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