adios hyperlipidemia

as i sit in my office typing this, i am in a mini state of bliss – the sun is still shining, my window is open, and birds are chirping.   From my vantage point, i can see the buds forming on the elms across the street…the beginnings of spring. 

i still remember my decision to start paying attention to spring.  when i was younger, as in a teenage, one day there would leaves on the trees.  i was oblivious up until that point and it bugged me that i had missed all that time in between.  Now, at least once a week, i take a moment to eval the trees and make a mental note of their progress.

i am still waiting for that period of time where we don’t have rain.  then i rake the leaves from last fall and make chewkie clean up all the dog poo he has neglected for so long. 

 why else is today glorious? why, today was my last day of fp.  it was short and sweet, and i didn’t have to do clinic today after all…i couldn’t ask for more.  and i basically wrote my own evaluation, so i already know what it will say.  if i honor this test, i’ll honor the rotation, but trust me, this one isn’t getting her hopes up.

although, psych wasn’t a total loss.  sure, i didn’t do well on the test, which is completely not what i expected (again SAD, that bastard).  despite doing bleh on the test, the course director wrote some great comments on my eval and gave me some great marks – it made me feel better knowing that my work on the floors hadn’t gone unnoticed.

 that’s all… i am taking a nap now.


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