eth eth arr eyeth

this post immediately reminds me back to my sister’s post of thupplieths and thervitheths, or however she spelled it.   unlike rachie, i do not have a lisp, and despite her apparently having one for all 23 years i have been around, i still can’t even notice it (which sometimes makes me worry i have one and i don’t even know it.)  i rest assured in the fact that someone would have told me by now if i did.   to the point, though. 

 today was another terribly boring day of fp.  i still can’t even explain the torture to it’s fullest.  what is worse, however, is going back to the med school to hear the other students’ “practice based learning” presentations aka pbl.  it consists of “asking a clinical question” and then looking up a journal article that answers it, then you eval the article.  what ends up happening is we just pick an article and make up a question because it saves a whole heck of a lot of time.

 we do this for each rotation, and let me tell you how peeved i was when my least fav med student strolls up there and basically reuses his presentation from psych (lazy lazy lazy).  he is currently the only med student i fear becoming a doctor.  which brings me to my title – how bright can someone be when they have the lisp of the damn century (co-morbid with the thickest indian accent i have heard yet) and they choose to spend an entire presentation using ‘s’ words.  ssris, tcas, depression.  i mean…really?  this is an example of a time when i wish it was socially acceptable to hit people, or at least throw things at them.

 otherwise, life on fp is [thankfully] winding down with the shelf due this friday.  i can’t wait for this stupid rotation to be over.  i cannot believe sometimes that people choose this as a profession.


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