just a thought

so as i was studying gout, i was reading about the risk factors about saw one of them was increase of purines in the diet.  this lead to the remembering that purines are in high protein diets aka meat and that for some ungodly reason made me think of purina dog chow.  and i wondered if they named purina after purines, cause if their dog food has lots of meat/protein, how appropriate to name it after purines…purina.  sounds good to me.

also, i haven’t written in awhile because family medicine is so boring i want to die.  i can’t believe i still have two more weeks of clinic.  kill me now.  there is just something not fun about doing the exactsame thing, day in, day out.  i know that happens in any job, but for some reason it’s just more boring in fp.  i can’t even make up topics to write.  the patients are not interesting.  the only time i had something interesting happening was when i was back in the hospital, and all i can think is TAKE ME BACK.  thank goodness i know i love the hospital.  i am one sick puppy.


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