too boring to even write about it

while family practice has it’s variety.  i still can’t manage to find anything exciting about it.  i spend my days counting down the patients.  if i could, i would probably make those paper chains that we made in elementary school to count down the days until christmas.  i would wear it around my neck and tear off a ring for every patient. 

not much could make the experience worse (it’s not all that bad), unless it involves a resident who has no redeeming qualities.  i spent an afternoon working with this resident, and then i had a lovely saturday and sunday morning with him while i was on call.  and by lovely, i mean horrible.  usually a resident will have at least one redeeming quality that makes up for some of their douchitude (an official word on this blog).  not this resident – he’s annoying, loud, rude to patients, arrogant, calls them “dummy”, disrespectful of other people’s time, lazy, and all-in-all, not that bright.  He has no social skills and he’s going into family practice.  except for one surgery resident, i have never heard a doctor or medical professional call a patient a dummy or stupid.  and his reason for this recent one?  she didn’t know which medications were for her supposedly high blood pressure…but i dunno, there could be a couple reasons for this:

  1. she was newly diagnosed in december
  2. at the same time, she was slammed with a bunch of medications

she was diagnosed in december with sle – aka lupus, and some idiotic resident at this same time, determined she had htn…and put her on three medications.  they put a 20 year old, thin girl on 3, count ’em, 3 blood pressure medications.   flippin’ ridiculous.  for those who don’t know what the big deal is:

  1. the diagnosis of htn requires 2-3 separate readings of elevated blood pressure 4-6 weeks apart – hers was based on 1
  2. you start with one medication at a time not 3
  3. being a young female who is thin it’s highly unlikely she has primary htn (aka unexplainable htn)
  4. she had just gotten a new diagnosis of lupus and underwent surgery at this time, not a good basis for determining if someone has htn

i mean really, the whole thing is ridiculous.  and what is worse, is once she left the hospital in december she followed up with this resident in january…and rather than him be like…hey why you on all these meds?  he just refills because he’s a lazy bleepin’ ahole.  i can bear a lot of the personal hell he puts me through, but for that kind of irresponsibility alone i despise him. 

and who the hell put her on 3 medications??!?!  sometimes i am ashamed of the people who manage to make it through medical school.  how do i manage to have a better comprehension of certain basic topics than a person who is at least 2 years ahead of me?  it’s the kind of information that makes me fear for my family’s life when they go into a hospital (the place where you’ll find the residents).


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