take THAT subway

subway used to be my go to for cheap and healthy fast food.  i always ordered the veggie 6 inch on wheat with provolone with everything on it except for cucumbers (and a special request for spinach).  no condiments just salt and pepper.  this delicious feast would cost me all of 2.99.  and then then unthinkable.   one day i walk in and it’s 3.29.  outrageous.  

 i decided it would just be easier for me to make my own.  i went to the big ge, and bought all the ingredients i would need plus “sausage rolls” which are really just 6 inch buns that are better than those crappy hotdog buns.  all told my total was 13 dollars. that will make me 6 subs…but when i’m ready and i buy my other 6 buns, bringing my total to 16 dollars, i am now making equivalent subs for 1.35-1.50 per sub, less than half the cost of subway.

additionally, i streamlined the process.  my start up cost was 5 dollars because i purchased a veggie tray container.  i cut up all my ingredients and placed them in there.  now, it actually takes me less time and money than if i were to go to subway.

i win.


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