devil incarnate

third post.

last night, dede would not stop crying.  i left my door slightly ajar so she would hopefully stop crying.  and you know what happened? exactly what i expected.  bailey shat in my room.

i hate that dog.

and you know what else?  she’s two for two on my morning good byes.  for several weeks i have only said bye to delilah.  yesterday, i decided to start saying by to all of them.  what did bailey do? snarled viciously at me even when i tried every trick in the book to be nice.  i talked in a high pitch voice, i didn’t stand over her, i tapped the couch to see if she would come closer. nothing.  it’s all good though. i got my revenge.  she happened to be laying on a blanket yesterday, so i just tugged the blanket up to throw her off a little (no, rach, she barely moved), and of course, she tried to bite me.

nasty bitch.


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