my return to the psych unit on day 1 alone has been fabulous.  i knew the patients there wouldn’t let me down.  today, the doctor and i saw a patient with a long history of schizophrenia (the usual order of the day), and before going in, i was forewarned of his history, which when we entered the room, was largely unchanged.

basically, i will quote this man, almost verbatim:

“i am a full-blooded american indian.  it is illegal to give me psychotropic drugs.  i am not mentally ill.  university hospitals proved it.  i am not mentally ill.  that’s a death sentence.  i am a full-blood iroquois.”

important to this story is that he is 0% american indian, because when he initially made this claim, it had to be researched by the courts.  instead, we find he is a full-blooded schizophrenic.

i am so happy to be back on the wards.


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