i told you so

no phrase could be more satisfying than the speaker and more irritating to the listener, but as i relished saying it, joseph, my boyfriend of some made up time, handled hearing it with grace.  the scenario that elicited it consisted of joseph buying two bottles of patron tequila and giving them to my brother, dubbing the ensuing party the “patron party”.  this, of course, was all done with my grudgingly given permission, which was only done because of the incessant requests. 

as you can already imagine, i was thoroughly annoyed with the whole event, but knowing that i would be, i set the plans for joseph and i to go out for the evening, only to return when the event was in full swing.  i knew if i had the opportunity to get away and spend some relaxing time out of the house, i would be able to better cope with the choas i would face when i arrived home.  that was exactly how it played out.

we had a really wonderful dinner together, which is nothing particularly new.  he and i have yet to hit that rocky patch and have only had a few potholes along the road.  some might say that it’s due to the distance, but usually that’s a reason to fight as evidenced by my previous, horrible relationship that will not be spoken of beyond vague references.  nevertheless, after our time together, we returned home knowing there would be a multitude of people there.

whenever i come home to a party, there is that instant irritation that begins with seeing other people’s cars in my driveway.  i walk inside to see people congregating in the kitchen, but there are still few people at the house yet.  we play with the dogs, play some guitar hero, and retreat to my room.  the final blow of irritation involved: 1. seeing approximately 4 tramps walk in the house  2. see several of them attempt to use my bathroom.  how did i know their sexual promiscuity?  it was based on the sole observation of being able to see the full outline of one of the girl’s butt cheeks through the huge whole in her jeans she cut out.  this wasn’t some seductive whole in the jean to show the back of the leg – this was full on ass, like whoa.  knowing most of the these girls live at home, i have to wonder how on earth they manage to leave the house like that.  my mother would have murdered me.

 the night ended with vomiting compliments of my brother and his friend brandon w., and after joseph was sure they weren’t going to die, he left me to manage the party, which consisted of me falling asleep locked in my room, with only the thought that brandon g.’s items were more valuable than mine if someone decided to steal something.


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