a brief reminder on why i hated surgery

i had a momentary scare today consisting of getting back my surgery grade.  i hadn’t been expecting it, thus when i looked at it, i initially thought it was my internal medicine grade, which i had been told to expect from my old clerkship director.  i tore open the envelop, hungrily reading the comments left by my clerkship director, and my heart drops.

“this student is certainly progressing appropriately.”

i would accept this as a comment if it wasn’t already clearly stated by the box he checked.  i was expecting a lot of average marks because of barely missing honoring, but i wasn’t expecting the lame comments to.  after reading more thoroughly, i also wasn’t surprised to find it was my surgery clerkship.

only on a surgery clerkship could you consistently wake up at 4-5 am (depending), study your ass off, etc and be told your doing appropriately.  however, i am well aware of the fact that had i gotten only two more questions right on my shelf, this man would have been singing a different tune. 

unfortunately, this is how medical schools work.  you can be socially retarded and still be considered one of the top students.  ironically, the top students are generally socially retarded because instead of interacting with human beings, they hug and molest their books continually.  there are exceptions, but it’s the most common system. 


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