oh the irony

one would think that while on a psychiatry rotation, medical students would invariably improve their ability to read subtle facial expressions, let alone outright anger/sadness/happiness, etc.  apparently, such is not the case.

it begins with our first lecturer not showing up – which we’re all like, whatev – we can just study the nerds we are.  at some point, one of the residents comes in, and at first evaluation of his personality, i assumed he was rather laid back.  my basis, while irrelevant to this story, was that he was extremely nonchalant and withdrawn.

based on this assessment, i assumed he wouldn”t make us sign a sheet to take attendance.  for our lectures, it’s rather hit or miss who makes us do this.  i stated this to the other students, saying that, “oh, i could have skipped, he probably isn’t going to take attendance.”

it turns out, this particular young resident is very ocpd (obsessive compulsive personality disorder – diff from ocd) and was going to take attendance.  this is how the drama begins:

“oh p, how do you feel about that?”

“about what?”

“well, you’re wrong.”

“so, who cares?”

“oh, don’t you always have to be right?”

and that’s where the nonsense begins.  i do not know many would not be offending by such a statement.  i find there to be quite a distinction between three things: 1. being right often in an academic setting 2. not liking to be wrong 3. actually always needing to be right.

undeniably, for this rotation, i have worked very hard and qualify for number one.  this is not to say that i’m always right.  but, i have worked hard to attain the knowledge i have now.  if you don’t meet number two, then you must be a mutant, because i don’t know many people who enjoy being wrong.  and really, i don’t know anyone offhand who meets number 3.  i don’t know someone who has this need to be right driving them.  i don’t think this is something altogether common.

so here i am, sitting, waiting for a lecture to begin, having to listen to 5-10 people think that they actually know me well enough to draw conclusions about my personality.  these are people who have no concept of my life or personality except that which i have decided to share with them.  they clearly don’t know me well enough, because as i progressively became more and more pissed, they continued.  it took someone who does know me very well (meg) to not so subtly change the subject.  it’s strange.  in medical school, people just assume because they’re your classmates that they’re entitled to not only know about your life, but also that it’s open to discussion with them.

facial expressions 101 – if a person is not smiling or laughing along with your jesting, that’s a big hint that they don’t think it’s funny.


One Response to “oh the irony”

  1. I know someone who meets number 3.

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