does a body good

and i don’t mean milk.

 1. today i had my csa (clinical skills assessment) – very easy.

2. my new word shall be hot mess.

3. i went shopping. bought two pairs of editor pants for less than 40 dollars total. and i bought a shirt in there, too.  all still under 40.

4. i played basketball.

that’s what did this body good.  during my m1 and m2 years, i played continuously with the boys. with much sweat and countless floor burns, i began to improve.  as a girl, i was the typical slow shooter, taking enough time to allow a guy to easily come up and block me.  i had reached a point where many of my shots were quick.  let’s just say that tonight was proof of complete regression.  nevertheless, there is some hope.  i did manage some decent shots, and i had some great opportunities.

i will play again on thursday to continue my work-out regimen. it will at least offer me some variety.  they play again tomorrow, and i am debating joining for that session as well.

one note – things that are not cool, and i see this continually…people faking pain/injury in a completely unrelated spot.  for instance, i young man is blocked, and he walks off the flow limping a few steps. i mean, really.  what makes you think anyone is buying into that?  i saw the same thing in high school.  there was always the same girl doing it, and nobody was falling for it.  so for all the fakers – just man up and accept the blunder. 

lord knows how many turnovers and craptacular shots i had, but i have the integrity to admit i suck instead of pretending i missed because 5 years ago i sprained my ankle.

 ps – bailey died.

 pss – she didn’t actually die. but i’m pretty sure all those mini-strokes added to one big one, cause know that second eye-lid that dogs have is constantly blocking at least one third of her eye.   it’s pretty gross looking.

psss – as i was studying last night, she pooped right outside the office door. i think just to spite me.  she doesn’t even attempt to ring the bells or anything anymore.  she doesn’t in anyway want to go outside.  it’s warmer inside.  i’ll just say she’s lucky i didn’t step in it.


One Response to “does a body good”

  1. 😦 Maybe tomorrow I will stop by after work to see Bailey. I am worried about her.

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