old hags, elevators, and parking spaces

normally, when i am interacting with old people, i instantly think of my grandma betty. i think about her, and i think about how i like to have my grandmother treated.

however, let me tell you old people – respect is a two-way street. and just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you get to be rude to everyone else. ARRGH. k;sfh;sdlkfjs;dlkfj.

today was a hectic day. as i emerged from my garage onto the newly fallen two inches of snow, i already know i’ve left late. realistically, i left the same time i always do, but you know how people are….a little snow and panic ensues. i thought i might get lucky and miss rush hour like usual. nope. i was a half hour late. i was driving an max of 15 mph on rt 8.

 then i thought i had to be at general by 1, when i was still at city hospital at 1230. not a big deal, but i was supposed to magically get lunch in this amount of time. i rush over to general, throw my car into the closest space to the bridge, and run (literally) to get food, and then speed walk to the room we’ll have conference in.

med students are usually not supposed to park on the third floor. we’re meant for the fifth floor/roof. i generally follow this rule, because the 3rd floor, or the bridge is reserved from physical therapy patients, and walking up and down stairs is not an option for them (although one may argue that the elevator should be all the same). whatever. i don’t have a problem with it. but when i drove in today, worrying about basics such as sustenance, i checked to make sure that there were plenty of pt spaces (at least 7) and i whipped into a space.

on the way out, after being done for lecture (which also actually started at 130, so i had plenty of time all along – dammit), i was telling a friend how i got a good space. apparently, there was this old hag behind us just seething about this, because just as i get in my car, she lays into my friend. and you know what she says?

“if she can’t even let patients park where they’re supposed to she should not be thinking about a career in medicine.”

OH REALLY. i didn’t realize that medical student parking choices so closely correlated with their ability to take care of patients. i have to now rethink my entire life. clearly my parking choice for that afternoon reflects on the inner workings of my morality and work ethic, and my character should come under some pretty severe question. i might offer myself up to the review board.

“i am here because i parked on the third floor for approximately 3 hours. i have turned myself in. i am not fit to be a doctor.”

if i were brave enough, i think i might have been tempted to slap the old bat for such an insult and ignorant comment. yeah right. the only person i’ve ever slapped is rach, but she had it coming. otherwise, i’d rather not come down to that level. but i can think about it.  >:)


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