no excuse

with gifts directly from god, like the dollar/$2.50 section in target, there is no reason not to exercise.

no time? give me a break. i’m in medschool and i do it. and not cause i want to. mostly because if i have the aims of someday advising a patient on how to be healthy, i should probably jump on my own bandwagon. and let’s be honest, i do have some vanity on my side.

it’s hard? no crap. if it was easy, everyone would do it. we’d all be fit and thin

it’s expensive? well, i just managed to get a killer cardio dvd from target (two, actually) for total of $2.50. plus, they had additional workout supplies for a similar price. you don’t need a membership gym to get in shape.  you just need fewer excuses.

today, for instance, i had no drive to work out. i wanted to sit at my computer and play stupid computer games. but it’s times when i think like that….those are the days i should work out the most, because once i start, i realize…this isn’t so bad. (but don’t misunderstand me, it’s still bad while i’m doing it.)  once you’re done, there are few things that feel so gratifying – both in accomplishing a goal and the stress relief it provides. unless we’re talking like strawberry or pumpkin cheesecake. that’s way more gratifying.


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